Weekend Headline Roundup: Police on Police Violence, Trump vs Tropical Trump, and more…

Here are some of the more interesting headlines from Brazil from this week:

Police from São Paulo and Minas Gerais exchange fire with each other

Bullet points:

  • Plainclothes officers from São Paulo were escorting a prisoner.
  • Officers from Minas Gerais mistook them for armed bandits.
  • From there everything pretty much went to Purgatory.
  • On officer dead, two wounded.

The skull of “Luzia”, rescued from the National Museum, is on display again (video)

Bullet points:

  • A “miracle” that it was found in the ashes of the burned building.
  • The oldest skeleton found in the National Museum.
  • “We thought she was dead, but she’s alive, and what she needs now is a new house.”

Signs that say “Coming soon, gun store” appear all over Rio

Bullet points:

  • An apparent reference to the imminent victory of pro-gun presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.
  • Being placed on the windows of closed businesses.
  • Apparently a political statement and not associated with any gun store.

In English: What happens when Donald Trump meets Tropical Trump?

Bullet point:

  • Not sympathetic to either the tropical or non-tropical version…but contains some interesting analysis.

Man sells ex-wife’s clothes, uses himself as model

Bullet point:

  • We really have nothing to say here…

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