Brazilian Election Watch: Rapper Mano Brown Blasts the PT…AT A PT RALLY!!!

Apparently this is becoming a thing. First it was Cid Gomes, brother of erstwhile candidate Ciro Gomes, telling the PT that they were going to lose and that it was a good thing.

Yesterday it was Brazilian rapper Mano Brown who took to the stage to give an early post-mortem to the beleaguered campaign of the once invincible PT (Worker’s Party).

Here are translations of some of the more memorable parts of his speech:

I just came to represent myself. I do not like this party mood. The blindness that hits there (Bolsonaro’s supporters), hits here as well. This is dangerous. This is no time to celebrate.

I didn’t come here to get votes, because I think this thing is already decided.

I can not believe people who treated me with such affection before…have turned into monsters. If at any moment the communication failed here, they
(the party) will pay the price. If you can not speak the language of the people, you’re going to lose.

To speak well of the PT to the PT’s fans is easy. But there’s a multitude out there that needs to be won over or we’ll go over a cliff.

I do not like the party mood, it’s fanaticism and blindness that kills people, it’s no good to understand what the crowd is. If we’re the Workers’ Party, you have to understand what the people want. Get back to the base and try to understand.

The best part of this video is when he talks about the ones who failed having to pay the price, and the camera pans over to to the candidate Haddad and his running mate Manuela. The awkwardness is written all over their faces.

For our entire coverage of the 2018 Brazilian presidential elections, click here.


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