Brazilian Election Watch: The Nation Votes…and Waits

It’s a climactic finish to what has easily been the most hotly contested presidential contest in Brazil in living memory. Today Brazilians have taken to the voting booth. The polls close at 5pm Brazilian time, and then begins the anxious wait for final results.

At current, our original prediction of a relatively easy Bolsonaro victory in this second round still stands.

Some evidences:

Last night former Led Zeppelin singer Steve Waters tried once again to make a political statement against Bolsonaro in a concert here in Brazil. Listen to the crowd’s response:

If your Portuguese is rusty, they are shouting “Fora PT”, or Out with the PT”. The PT is the Workers Party of Bolsonaro’s opponent, Fernando Haddad.

Then there was this moment where a group of people carrying the red PT flag tried to make a statement in a produce market, and were essentially driven out by a multitude of people shouting “Bolsonaro”!

Adding to my conviction that Bolsonaro will win handily are the results showing him with a crushing victory among Brazilians in other parts of the world. International polling places have closed in the Far East, Australia, and the Middle East, and none of the results are very hopeful for Haddad.

Even some parts of Europe have turned in results. The margin in Geneva, for example, was not so wide…but still gave a handy victory to Bolsonaro.

Speaking of Switzerland, apparently things got a little tense there earlier.

In New York people are still voting at the Brazilian consulate…


And of course I cannot fail to mention this little give-and-take I had this morning:

At this writing, there are a little less than two hours left. So people vote…and wait.

We will keep you updated on any developments here at the Best of Brazil Blog. If you’re new, you might want to check our previous election-related posts to catch up on what the stakes are here in Brazil.


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