The Election Results are In, and Jair Bolsonaro is the New President of Brazil!!!

7 pm Brazilian time, Jair Messias Bolsonaro was confirmed as the president-elect of Brazil, with around 55% of the vote.

Brazil has no electoral college, but divided by states, here’s what the vote looked like, with green being states that went for Bolsonaro, and red being states that went for Haddad.

After a hard-fought and divisive election, his supporters were understandably elated.

The scene in front of Bolsonaro’s house a couple hours ago…

The newly elected president took to social media himself to thank his supporters.

His opponent, Fernando Haddad, also took to social media to thank his supporters.

This tweet by Haddad certainly did not age well…

Translation of Haddad’s tweet: I’ve already told my wife, on October 28th she will be sleeping with the next president of Brazil.

That could be awkward.

To see our complete coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections, click here.




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