Fireworks and Fury: Reactions to the Election of Jair Bolsonaro

To say that Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters were elated at his victory last night would be to grossly underestimate their emotions. Here are some of the scenes that unfolded all over Brazil:

First, the moment Bolsonaro and his family heard the news.

Then when the people outside heard…

This is in Recife…

And this one was in Natal…

As yesterday was Sunday, many of the faithful were in church when the news came out. Here, famous Brazilian pastor Silas Malafaia breaks the news to his congregation.

A parade in Niteroi which featured the military(!)

This tweet came from one of Bolsonaro’s leftist opponents in the first round. He writes: Parade of the Army with supporters of Bolsonaro this evening in Niteroi shows that democracy is at risk. There will be resistance! Let’s go without fear!

For their part, Bolsonaro’s supporters are not happy at all with the press. Here they hurl insults at reporters from Globo News…

Meanwhile, some attentive Bolsonaro fans noticed a girl curiously putting a knife into her purse at one celebration…

…bringing back the specter of the attempt on Bolsonaro’s life earlier in the campaign.

Not all was negative. This video of supporters cleaning the streets after their party is going viral.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, sadness reigned. Many people were literally in tears.

Here’s hoping a polarized nation can pull together and election-year rifts can heal.

For all of our coverage of the 2018 Brazilian presidential campaign, click here.


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