Twitter Tuesday: A Watchful Cat, Dance with the Politician, and more…

Brazilian Twitter has been fairly well dominated by the recent elections, but we found some pearls for today’s Twitter Tuesday.

Let’s start with this heartwarming scene: an army caravan on it’s way back from an operation in one of Rio’s slums get a heroes welcome from people celebrating the victory of Jair Bolsonaro. You can see by the look on the faces of the men that it is not the reception they are accustomed to.

Speaking of the military, here is a neat video showing the role of the Brazilian Air Force in getting voting machines to out-of-the-way communities.

Brazilians of all stripes produced memes in support of their particular candidate – or attacking the other guy. This one, however, wins the prize for “most over the top”.

By the way, Bolsonaro won the election taking advantage of the live video features on Facebook and Youtube. Here is his extremely high-tech setup:

We reported earlier on the intense celebrations following the elections. Some people, however, preferred a more peaceful venue to reflect on current events.

Then there was this cat who appeared to be monitoring a polling place…

And speaking of animal participation…at first we thought she was talking about the dog, but no…

How about this video of the new governor of São Paulo, João Doria, dancing…or at least we think that is what this is…

And to think that this is only the second-most embarrassing video featuring this particular politician to surface in the last month.

Finally, something we just can’t get out of our head…

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