Twitter Trends: Brazilians Commemorate the Protestant Reformation

Even though Brazil is still considered the largest Roman Catholic country in the world, recent decades have seen a boom in Protestantism. For this reason, the hashtag #ReformaProtestante (Protestant Reformation) was trending today on Brazilian Twitter.

Translation of meme: If you harm the scriptures and their sufficiency, I will be the resistance. (This is a riff off a popular slogan in opposition to president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, “If you harm my existence, I will be the resistance.”)

This next preacher features some of the most popular “health and wealth” preachers in Brazil today.

Translation: Martin Luther travels in a time machine to see what the results of the Protestant Reformation, and ends up in Brazil in 2018. Martin Luther looks at these four guys. Martin Luther goes back and rips up the 95 theses.

We’re not sure if he would go that far, but we can’t imagine him being too pleased.

We’re also not sure if Luther would approve of the following display of the five solas

Someone else tried to point out some hypocrisy…

Translation: “My son do not envy the violent man, nor follow in any of his ways…” Proverbs 3:31.

Evangélicals: (The picture is of supporters of Bolsonaro making his trademark finger pistol sign)

Luther quotes abounded. Here’s one of our favorites…

Translation: “A simple peasant armed with the Scriptures has more authority than the councils of the Church or the Pope without the Scriptures to support them.” Martin Luther

This next cartoonist feels like religion has too much influence on the state.

Our personal opinion is that the Holy Bible (what is written on the sign) should serve as the foundation of the constitution, and not something to be tacked on afterward.

To see more trending topics from Brazilian Twitter, click hereclick here.


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