Twitter Trends: Brazilian Students Give New Meaning to Term “Late Show”

Translation: The most anticipated day of Brazilian Twitter has arrived.

Every year the Brazilian education department issues a nationwide entrance exam for public universities, called the ENEM. Every year they post the times and locations of the tests. Every year students arrive late, and are stopped at the door.

And every year, enterprising people stand at the entrance of test locations and wait to capture on film the reactions of students who arrive just after the gates have closed. Then said enterprising people upload said film onto social media, and tag it #showdosatrasados (literally “the late people’s show”)

A grateful nation then retweets them, sometimes with captions:

Translation: Me remembering the rice that I left on the stove…

Translation: “Hi, nice to meet you. Do you have our store credit card…?”

Translation: Michelle Obama late for the ENEM.

Translation: Me trying to find a way to get into the heart of my secret love.

This has become such a thing that some people arrive “late” on purpose, just for the internet publicity.

Like this dude…

He put on a convincing show, but his Instagram page tells another story.

The second half of the test will be this coming Sunday, which means the “Late Show” will be continued…

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