Twitter Tuesday: Clever Duck, Angelic Harp, Strong Winds, and more…

Let’s start Twitter Tuesday off right…

Translation: Good morning to those who know how to get out of difficult situations.

Speaking of getting off to a good start, the Brazilian Air Force tweeted out this shot of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro arriving in Brazil for the first time since his election.

Translation: Jair Bolsonaro just took his first flight with the Brazilian Air Force as president-elect. He de-planed around 9am…in Brasilia…

Politics got you all riled up (we here there is a whole lot of politics goin’ on in the US right now)? How about some relaxing harp music from Brazilian harpist Lua Azevedo.

Translation: By request! The Beatles – Yesterday. I tried to make it more melodic. Here’s hoping you like it.

An encore? Oh ok…here she plays “Asa Branca” by famous Brazilian singer Luiz Gonzaga.

Now over to Jim for the weather.

Thank you, Tom. We can expect some high winds this week…

How about a little lunch on the Amazon?

We’ll close today with this bizarre video of former presidential candidate Cabo Daciolo (see our write-up on him here), sitting on a street in Jerusalem and uttering his trademark “Glory to God”.

Translation: Daciolo, in sandals, sitting in Jerusalem saying “Glory to God” is the a “post-credit scene” straight out of a Marvel movie.

And with that we will sign off. Brazilian Twitter is a never-ending source of entertainment. Check out our other Twitter Tuesday posts here.


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