Twitter Tuesday: Brazilian Seaways, Weird Politics, Pelé, and more!

Cool little video from the Brazilian Navy showing the coastal waters they patrol.

And speaking of the Brazilian military, check out this old training video…

As Brazil awaits the inauguration of its new president, pictures of him flood the internet. This one is perhaps the strangest…

And speaking of strange, here are members of the leftist opposition expressing their unhappiness with the election results in a rather…weird…way. You don’t have to speak Portuguese to get how creepy this is.

Of course the weird is not only on the left. This one features Luciano Hang, owner of one of the largest supermarket chains in Brazil, BIG TIME Bolsonaro supporter. Also…just a little bit off…

Translation: The super-powerful mutant Charles Xavier is able to control the minds of humans just using WhatsApp.

Check out this picture from downtown Rio in the 1940s.

Yesterday marked an auspicious event: it was the day when, back in 1969, Pelé scored his 1000th goal as a professional soccer player.

He got his start in pick-up games much like the one pictured below…

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