Twitter Tuesday: The Mother of all Languishing Court Cases, A Curious Sighting, Brazilian Black Friday, and more…

We start out this week’s edition with an historical moment for Brazil:

And speaking of the Portuguese royal family, it seems they left some unfinished business…

And could it be that royalty of another sort was spotted in Brazil recently? We have our doubts…

Translation of image text: Michael Jackson is seen at a Forró party in Fortaleza.

From popular Brazilian comic strip “Monica’s Gang”…

First Panel: Cebolinha – “I’m so lost!”

Second Panel: Cebolinha – “Can you give me some information?” Helpful guy – “Sure”

With help like that…

And speaking of “Monica’s Gang”, here’s their moving tribute to the late Stan Lee:

November is “Black Awareness Month” here in Brazil, and all politicians try to get in good with the Afro-Brazilian community.

Some try a little too hard…

The large letters on his shirt read “I’m Black”.

And totally unrelated – except that it contains the word “black” – the phenomenon of Black Friday has made it’s way to Brazil. Yay.

The first video purports to show Black Friday in Canada, while the second shows Black Friday here in Brazil.

Translation of tweet: Hurry, because everything is going for half of three-times the price!

And with that we will close out today’s Twitter Tuesday. Check out previous editions of this feature here.


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