Brazil News and Views: President Elect Jair Bolsonaro Receives his Official Presidential Diploma

The “diplomação” (certification) of a candidate, according to the website of the Brazilian Electoral Court, is when the candidate is officially recognized by that organ as having been duly elected by the people. Today the ceremony for the certification of the President and Vice President was held.

If you’re interested, you can watch the whole ceremony here:

If you don’t have time, here’s a quick look at the highlights via Twitter:

Translation: Ceremony for the certification of the President-elect of the Repbulic at the Supreme Election Court.

Translation: Bolsonaro promises to “recover the pride of the Brazilian people”.

During the ceremony Bolsonaro, understandably, got a little emotional. So did his supporters on Twitter.

Translation: In this look we see a citizen who was humiliated, insulted, went through many difficulties, among them almost being assassinated…I only say, his emotion today was also ours. President Jair M. Bolsonaro, may God always be in charge of our nation!!!

Translation: Our struggle since 2013 woas worth it! Pride of the nation!

Translation: 24 years of PSDB – PMDB – PT. You all have no idea how long I have awaited the moment for us to be free of this curse.

Translation: Today we bury, once and for all, the PT.

Well…it may be too early to start writing the obituary for the workers party. However, this next Tweet made us LOL:

There were a couple sour notes, like when it looked like one of the STF officials was turning his back on Bolsonaro.

However, consensus seems to be that he was turning to face the flag as the national anthem was sung.

The president-elect himself signed off with this tweet:

Translation: As I have always said, I face this phase of my life as a mission from God. We will do what is possible to give to our nation a future with better days. Brazil over all, God over everyone!


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