Christmas in Brazil: Coral da Gente Sings “Chorinho Natalino” (Christmas Chorinho)

Though one can hear many American and European Christmas carols as one walks the streets during the Christmas season in Brazil, there are also some distinctly Brazilian songs of the season. One of them is this one, Chorinho Natalino, here performed by the spectacular Coral da Gente.


This Christmas we will praise the Creator
In a very original, very different original way.
Announcing the Good News with love
Happily singing this chorinho.

The God-child in His little crib
Will surely approve with a kindly smile
Seeing that people
Do this musical homage with tenderness
And great respect.

Celebrating the Brazilian way
With lots of singing, lots of dancing, lots of partying
It is a sincere and true emotion
Praising God on a night like this.

And choosing this bouncy chorinho
Like many of a distant past
We wanted to bring together all generations
Singing … praising
The God-child!

This Christmas season we are featuring several posts having to do with holiday festivities here in Brazil. See them all here.

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