Current Headlines from Brazil: Attacks continue in Fortaleza, Italian terrorist Battisti caught, transferred to Italy! Bolsonaro loosens gun restrictions, more…

The following are the most current news headlines from Brazil, updated as they appear, with the topmost being the most recent. Articles are marked as Portuguese language (Port) or English language (Eng).

January 15th, 2019

Attacks continue in Fortaleza (Port)

Commentary: Thirteen days and counting.

Italian terrorist Battisti is caught! (Port)

Commentary: This happened over the weekend. He was caught in Bolivia, where he had fled after it became clear that Brazil would no longer offer him asylum.

Bolsonaro loosens gun restrictions…a little (Port)

Commentary: It’s not much…but it is a step in the right direction.

January 10th, 2019

Attacks continue – bus fleet to be reduced by 30% in Fortaleza

Commentary: The measures being taken up to this point don’t seem to be working.

Explosion on train tracks (Port)

Commentary: Now it’s personal.

January 9th, 2019

Explosions, car fires, mark eighth day of terror in Ceará (Port)

Commentary: Things appeared to be settling down…then this.

Forbes: Brazil is the best stock market in the world right now (Eng)

Commentary: From the article – “…the overall mood in Brazil is not exactly euphoric but better described as a mix of sigh-of-relief and wait-and-see.”

Brazilian Department of Public Security considers tougher rules for WhatsApp (Port)

Commentary: Journalist Cleuci Oliveira explains what this means, below:

Cat killed by woman after scratching her when she stepped on his tail (Port)

Commentary: Slow news day?

Bolsonaro confirms Brazil’s departure from UN migrant pact (Port)

Commentary: His quote – “We don’t let just anybody come into our home, and we won’t let just anybody come into Brazil via a pact that was adopted by third parties.”

January 7th, 2019

Fighter tries to rob UFC fighter Polyana Viana – immediately regrets decision (Eng)

Commentary: These are the best kind of stories.

More violence in Fortaleza, envirnomental station, other public works hit (Port)

Commentary: This shows no signs of letting up.

Attacks spread throughout the state of Ceará (Port)

Commentary: At this point other states should be worried.

Ceará will receive help from all northeastern states(Port)

Commentary: It’s a start…

Bolsonaro to open “black box” of public organs (Port)

Commentary: Perhaps one of the reasons people in power were so desperate for him to lose.

Ceará transfers 20 gang leaders to federal prison (Port)

Commentary: This is a stop-gap measure, at best.



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