Breaking!!! Ex-President Lula Could Leave Jail Tomorrow!!! Update: Decision overturned by Chief Justice. Lula Stays In Jail Until April.

This is huge. A Supreme Court Justice, one Marco Aurélio Melo, has decreed that those condemned on segunda instância (a Brazilian legal category – as near as we can figure out, roughly equivalent to “on appeal”) should be freed. This includes Luís Inácio “Lula” da Silva, currently in jail due to a corruption conviction, and facing even more corruption charges.

As it was just one justice that made the decision, it could be revoked by the chief justice.


















Note, this could also end up freeing many, many other convicted criminals.

















Translation: One hundred seventy thousand criminals could be released, thanks Marco Aurélio Melo. Are you happy, justice?

No sooner had Justice Marco Aurélio made his ruling than there was a petition for the release of Lula being reviewed by the court.
















Translation: We just petitioned the solicitation of a decree of release for Lula…

THAT was fast.

Suspiciously fast, perhaps.















Translation: The only possible explanation for this speed is that everything was already set up with the “judge”. This explains the declaration of the president of the PT, a few days ago, saying that he expected the release of Lula before Christmas. As always, it was a set-up.

Needless to say, Lula’s fans, who are nothing if not vocal, were ecstatic.



















































Lula’s opponents, on the other hand, are livid.






Translation of tweet: It’s time to close down this Supreme Court for good. We can’t wait any longer!

Translation of meme: Shame. A country where your greatest enemy is the Supreme Court

There are many many more, but most of them we are not able to reproduce here as this is a family site.

There are, however, many, many calls for protest.




Translation: The Brazil Freedom Movement has just called for a public protest in a few minutes, at 5pm, in front of the Supreme Court…

Noteworthy among those not happy with the decision? The prosecutors who worked long and hard to put Lula and many other corrupt politicians behind bars.



Also some right-wing politicians.


Translation: The autocratic and extemporaneous decision taken by the minister of the Supreme Court, on the last day before recess, in many ways goes against the deep desire of Brazilian society to see an end to impunity practiced by public and private agents against public funds.

Wait, did we say right-wing politicians? That is Marina Silva, a decidedly left wing politician, who nevertheless sees the problems this ruling causes.

This is a breaking story, and we will add updates as events unfold.

Update: The Chief Justice has revoked the decision to release Lula.

Translation: (Chief Justice) Toffoli suspends decision to free prisoners under appeal.

And here’s an interesting little twist…

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