Insta-States of Brazil: Acre

For the next several weeks our Instagram Fridays will take on a new look, as we explore all of Brazil’s 26 states, and Federal District.

As we will do this in alphabetical order, the first state in our Instagram tour is Acre.


Located at the extreme west of Brazil, it is bordered by Bolivia and Peru. In fact, it once belonged to Bolivia.

Like the entire territory of Brazil, Acre has many beautiful places to visit.

There is the capital city, Rio Branco, with its neo-classical capitol building…

…or the impressive Praça da Revolução…

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😍😍 contar histórias…#praçadarevolução

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But if you’re more into natural beauty, check out these pictures from the “Serra do Divisor” national park:

You can even go for a virtual boat ride…

Whatever your interest, you are sure to find plenty to see in Acre.

Next up, Alagoas.



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