Brazil News and Views: Bibi in Brazil

Many foreign dignitaries are currently in Brazil to participate in the inauguration of president-elect Jair Bolsonaro. (Note: we will be live-blogging the event here). None, however, has enjoyed the publicity as has Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And he’s been living it up!

Eating some Brazilian pastries…

Kicking around a soccer ball on the beach…

Not to mention official events with the president-elect.

There was even a special postage stamp to mark the visit. A postage stamp!

Of course, not everybody was pleased. This clever cartoonist managed to associate the relationship of Jair Bolsonaro with the Jewish president with Nazism…somehow.

That kind of comparison is hard to maintain when Bolsonaro is received in a synagogue like this…

Read about other current events in Brazil here.


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