Inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro: Live Feed

We are going to be keeping up with the inauguration of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro. Refresh this feed for more news. Latest news will appear at the top.

Our live feed is going to end here. Good luck, President Bolsonaro, good luck Brazil!

Translation: This was one of the most incredible moments of the inauguration…

Another view of the review of the troops…

A great picture…

Bolsonaro reviewing the troops.

“Cannon shots can be heard up to 8 kilometers away…”

The 21-gun salute.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Aaaaand we have an official greeting from The Donald!

National anthem, accompanied by the Brazilian Marine Band.

The scene…

Ceremony is about to begin…

People who are against Bolsonaro are having fun with the horse incident…

Translation: In a serious relationship with this horse.

Translation: This horse represents us all.

Picture of the incident with the horse…

Picture of the scene…

Bolsonaro opted for an open car.

Licence plate on presidential car reads “Peace”.

Tweeter suggests that the fans present should do a flashmob like the one below. That would be epic.

…and on the ground.

The sign says “PT never again!”

No shortage of people mocking the PT on Twitter…

Translation: What happens when you ask the PT how they are doing…

Presidential caravan approaches the Planalto…

Police and military applauded by the crowd, press booed.

Good luck indeed!

Brian Winter’s Twitter feed is always very informative re Brazil.

Secretary Pompeo is present and accounted for.

T-shirts are for sale…

Where the event will take place….


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