Brazil News and Views: Fortaleza in Flames

As we reported in our news feed yesterday, the city of Fortaleza was subject to a series of coordinated attacks carried out by criminal factions.

The images were intense:

What follows is a timeline, of sorts, of the attacks from a local newspaper. We have translated the relevant parts. It all began on Wednesday:

Translation: (The state of ) Ceará has been the target of attacks by criminal factions this Wednesday, January 2nd.

Translation of top tweet: The wave of attacks occurred after remarks by the new  Secretary of the Penitentiary System…to the effect that he would not recognize criminal factions in Ceará…

Translation of bottom tweet: By 10:30pm on Thursday, there had already been over 30 attacks. The targets varied from buses (six were total losses) to photo-sensors and even a car dealership…

Translation of top tweet: The boldest of the attacks was carried out on the pillar of a viaduct (of a major highway). At about 12:30 am the criminals tried to destroy it with dynamite.

Translation of bottom tweet: Nearby they left a letter containing demands from organized crime in order for hostilities to cease.

The letter contains a call for a cease-fire between rival gangs in order to direct their attacks against the state, and threatens a wave of violence if the state tried to do disrupt the status quo.

Translation of top tweet: During an attempted attack on a photo-sensor, there was a shootout with police.

Translation of bottom tweet: There were also attacks on public buildings in (various parts of Fortaleza).

Translation of top tweet: The police revealed that 11 people had been captured, suspected of participating in the attacks, 7 adults and 4 adolescents.

Translation of bottom tweet: On Twitter, the hashtag #CearaPedeSocorro (Ceará asks for help) is the second most commented of the day.

By last night, federal agents were arriving in the city to help curb the attacks.

The violence, however, continues…

Translation: Vans that transport passengers from Massapê to nearby cities were set fire early Saturday morning.

Translation: A branch of the Caixa Econômica (bank) was attacked by gunshots at Praia de Iracama.

Translation: The Fortaleza Mall is attacked and parked vehicles are set on fire.

President Jair Bolsnaro weighed in with this tweet:

Translation: Even though the government of the state of Ceará is of the PT (leftist workers party) and carries out strong opposition to us, we will never abandon the people of Ceará in this moment of chaos.

We’ll keep you updated as the situation develops…

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