Brazil News and Views: Brazilian Artist Sketches Inauguration, Gets Surprise of Her Life

Gisele Daminelli is a Brazilian artist who likes to post her sketches on Twitter. She is also an unabashed fan of newly-elected president Jair Bolsonaro. So when election time rolled around, she sketched some of the more touching moments and posted them online:

Translation: Some day maybe I’ll have grandchildren, and I’ll tell them about this memorable day.

Here’s the scene she memorialized:


Not bad, right?

There’s more! One of the most unforgettable moments of the inauguration was the speech given, in sign language, by Jair Bolsonaro’s wife, Michelle.

And the actual moment…


This was followed by what had to be one of the most romantic moments of any inauguration, anywhere, anytime.

It really happened…


There was still one more touching moment, Bolsonaro met his mother backstage…

The real-life moment…


As time went on, Gisele’s work spread over the Twitter-sphere. Then this happened…

Translation: Thanks for the beautiful drawings, and congratulations for the talent, Gisele.

In case you missed it, that tweet was from President Jair Bolsonaro himself.

Her response was predictably…enthusiastic.

Translation: People!!!!! No words…No words…

And, according to her, this condition lasted for a while…

Son – Hey Dad, what happened to Mom?

Dad – I don’t know, she’s been that way since yesterday.

Her hometown TV station even did a profile…

We get the impression we will be seeing a lot more of her work in the days to come.

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