Crime Doesn’t Pay: Two Bad Guys Mess With the Wrong Women – Re-evaluate Life Choices

So yesterday we posted a link in our news feed about a mugger in Rio who thought he was going to get an easy cell-phone, only to discover the hard way (and we do mean hard) that he was up against a female UFC fighter named Polyana Viana.

We thought we had heard a similar story before, and a quick search showed that we were correct. Back in 2015 a punk in Maranhão had the incredible misfortune of trying to mess with a female fighter. Fortunately for us, someone was on hand to film it for us.

And as we were searching for this story, lo and behold, we found another very similar event, this one from just a couple months ago,


We’re not sure what the best part of these videos is – the cheerful, almost casual way the young ladies are dealing with their aggressors, or the would-be bandidos squealing, crying, and carrying on like little girls.

Probably a little of both.

Our Crime Doesn’t Pay videos have proven so popular that we have created a separate category for them.


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