Twitter Tuesday: Heart-Stopping Rescue, Funny Faux Pas, A Cross-Eyed Cat, and more…

We’ll start out today’s Twitter Tuesday with some great news. A little boy who went into a culvert after his dog and was washed away was found…safe and sound. According to the tweet, five men and five squad cars were involved in the rescue.

Diving into politics, this picture is making the rounds.

…as well as this video of Bolsonaro eating standing up like an average Joe.

Then there was this hilarious moment on the official English-Language Twitter feed of the Brazilian government, which journalist David Winter has thankfully preserved for all time:

How about this little trip back in time…

Translation: Kids watch a soccer game from outside the Pacaembu Stadium. São Paulo, 1941.

This next tweet describes how many watched the inauguration day proceedings here (including yours truly)

Translation: One eye on Twitter, one on the TV.

Ever seen a picture of a plane re-fueling a helicopter? Well now, thanks to the Brazilian Air Force, you have.

And finally, we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again…Brazilians are the most creative people on Planet Earth.

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