Crime Doesn’t Pay: Ninja Brazilian Security Guard Takes Out Three Bad Guys

This video is a little more graphic than our standard fare, so view with discretion.

Three bad guys try to rob an establishment. Two of them are in motorcycle helmets, one of them is disguised as an innocent passerby. As the robbery begins, we see the security guard take down one of the armed bandits with a flying tackle and wrestle his gun from him. The other motorcycle-helmet guy comes running in and tries to shoot the guard, but is unsuccessful. The “passerby” (in the green and white shirt) tries to intervene, at first appearing to try to separate the guard and one of the bandits. But then he finds a dropped gun and moves in to kill the guard – thus revealing which side he is on. The guard manages to avoid him, and then takes out all three with some pretty impressive shooting.

The first angle doesn’t give a full view…wait for the second angle for a good look how events unfolded.

If you need more evidence that crime doesn’t pay, we have it


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