Breaking!!! Dam Burst in Minas Gerais! (photos, video) Updated!

News is coming in about a dam that has burst in the city of Brumadinho in Minas Gerais.
















The dam apparently belongs to the Brazilian mining giant Vale.















Images coming in point to a terrible natural disaster.












There are also tense scenes of rescue operations happening in real time.









Some before and after pics:







A river of mud…










According to this report, Vale stock has dropped 7 points.











President Jair Bolsonaro has tweeted the following statement:






Translation: I regret the incident at Bumadinho, Minas Gerais. I have ordered the Ministers of Regional Development, Energy, and Mines, as well as our National Secretary of Civil Defense to the region.




Translation: Our greatest concern at this moment is to take care of any potential victims of this grave tragedy. The Minister of the Environment is also on his way. All of the necessary measures are being taken.

Of course this is all quite reminiscent of another tragedy that happened three years ago. Same company, same state, same course of events.





Follow other events as they unfold in Brazil here.


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