Crime Doesn’t Pay: Bandido Messes with the Wrong Mormon Missionary

Here in Brazil, Mormon missionaries are ubiquitous, and are easily identifiable with their white shirts, ties, and name-tags. Two gringos walking down a dark city street must have seemed like easy prey to two bandidos on a motorcycle.

But looks can be deceiving, as this video demonstrates. It starts out as a normal assault…two bad guys ride up on a motorcycle, and their victims begin to meekly hand over their belongings, as they are consistently instructed by the authorities to do (whose side are they on, anyway).

But then things take a decidedly unexpected turn. One of the Mormon missionaries has clearly had enough. In the video it looks like he just snaps, and starts hammering one of the muggers. And he seriously takes him to the woodshed! His partner decides he wants nothing to do with this, and skedaddles.

This video must be seen to be believed!

We’re not sure what Joseph Smith would think of this, but we know we approve.

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