Twitter Tuesday: Alternative Transportation, Unlikely Goal, Tripping Photographer, and more…

Here’s the latest from the wild and wacky world of Brazilian Twitter.

First off, an unfortunate photographer who took one too many steps back.

This next one will be funny for the lusophones among us…and pretty much nobody else…

Translation: The teacher asked my name. I told him “Vitória with no C” (sem se, in Portuguese)

Today, I looked at the attendance sheet. My name was written “Victoria Semssê”.


From one of our favorite Brazilian Twitter accounts…this is what you call an alternative means of travel.

An impossible goal.

Come and visit the Lençois Maranhenses…the scene where Thanos kills his daughter was filmed here.

Some things cannot be unseen…

On Tuesdays we bring you the best Brazilian Twitter has to offer. To see previous posts, click here.


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