Twitter Tuesday: Those Floods in Rio

Yesterday we shared a heartwarming story that came out of the flooding in Rio. For today’s Twitter Tuesday, we thought we’d look a little more at the results of the heavy rains that have pounded the Cidade Maravilhosa for the last several weeks.

To say that there has been “a little flooding” is an understatement.

A BIG understatement.

This is a serious thing, and several people have died.

Yet there is a phrase in Brazil: “Tudo acaba em samba” – “Everything ends up in a Samba”. And this expression is literally true.

For some the flooding is a disaster, for others it provides new opportunities.

Of course, the casual attitude towards it may be because Rio has flooded before.

Many times before.

Many many times before.

One of the side effects of the Rio flooding…gators wandering the streets.

Translation: Why did the gator cross the street? Because he wanted to get out of Rio de Janeiro

Ok…we think this next one may be photoshopped…

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