Beware the One-Legged Bandit, or the Saçi Pererê Falls on Hard Times

We are all inspired the stories of people with physical difficulties who, nevertheless, excel at their chosen professions. So why should this case be any different. A guy with just one leg, battling against all odds to achieve success in his field.

Well, perhaps because his “field” is grand theft, auto. Observe:

At the beginning of the video, an unsuspecting motorist (grey car) comes to a stop behind two other cars. Two late, he realizes that it is a classic set-up, and desperately tries to back away. One bandido emerges and makes for the driver’s seat. The second outlaw, sporting a handgun, takes after the reversing car…hopping on one leg! (beginning at about 0:10) The entire, successful (!) robbery is shown from a couple different angles.

It’s not hard to see why this video inspires comparisons with the Saçi Pererê, a character in Brazilian folklore.

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