Twitter Tuesday: Super Bolsonaro, Flopping Politicians, Iron Man Sans Hands, and more…

Let’s start out with an affirmation of what we here at the Best of Brazil Blog know to be true:

The above video features President Jair Bolsonaro on his way to winning the election, except as a Super Mario Game. You don’t have to get all the references to appreciate the artistry.

And, if more evidence is needed for the original assertion, we would like to present as evidence exhibit b. It was only a matter of time before someone turned this event into a meme.

In other news…

Brazilian airlines are another level:

Brazilian President trips up…

Brazilian problems: trying to peel a piece of bamboo thinking it’s sugar cane.

Headline of the day: Iron Man Cancels Event after His Hands Disappear

That would certainly have made Endgame a lot more interesting…

Not sure if this next one is from Brazil or not, but we’ll pretend it is, because it’s hilarious.

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