Twitter Tuesday: Tragedy in the Air, Pro-government Demonstrations, New Concepts in Mobile Homes, and more…

Lots of things to cover from Brazil today.

First up, yesterday Brazil lost one if it’s up and coming pop stars:

He was on his way to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. Simply tragic.

The other big news item this week was the large manifestations in support of embattled president Jair Bolsonaro.

Our favorite artist Gisele Daminelli was there, paintbrush in hand.

And our personal favorite…

The event took place in cities all over Brazil. This one is from Recife.

As usual, pro-Bolsonaro activists go out of their way to show respect for law-enforcement.

On the lighter side of things…this give “mobile home” a slightly new meaning…

Wait for it…

And in a heartwarming turn of events, police pull over “Spider Man”, then invite him to volunteer some time at a local kids event. He accepts, and the kids are overjoyed.

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