Twitter Tuesday: Wide Loads, Cute Animals, Heartwarming Story, and more…

We’ll begin this Twitter Tuesday with a classic image, little kids peeking under a fence at a soccer game in 1941.

Somebody’s hungry. Also, you think this is a wide load, check this out!

Not sure if this next one is from Brazil, but it’s awesome.

Heartwarming moment when Brazil’s president meets a young soccer fan.

One of our favorite Brazilian artists, Gisele Daminelli, gives us a look at her drawing technique. The result is a really cute cat.

And speaking of cute animals…

This reporter got a little surprise…

This won’t end well…

DJ? Who needs a DJ. We’ve got dona Maria.

Government removing scooters from a private startup from the curbside.

And the flip-side…students at a high school got together and bought a bike for a friend whose bike was stolen.

On the new bike, this note: “We have given you this bike because of the special person you are. Continue to be like this and never lose your essence.”

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