Twitter Tuesday: The View from Above, Presidential Pals, and more…

Once again, bringing you the best of the wild and wacky world of Brazilian Twitter.

The Esquadrilha da Fumaça (Smoke Squadron) account has had some great stuff lately. LIke this picture…

…and this video.

Video posted by the Brazilian army. Look at that view!

Meanwhile Brazil’s president continues to make waves…this time at a world summit in Japan.

He even got his own anime…

…and a photo opp with his bff.

Thumbs up!

And of course artist Gisele Daminelli imortalized it…

Meanwhile, in Brazil, there were pro-government manifestations in response to perceived attacks against the administration.

Watch this video until the end…

Then there’s this. What, exactly, it is…we don’t know. But here it is.

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