Twitter Tuesday: Amazing Save, Soccer Celebration, Old Rio, and more…

Time for some more goodness from the wild and wacky world of Brazilian Twitter.

To start us off on the right foot (literally), check out this save!

Speaking of soccer, the Brazilian squad just won the America Cup, and got on on-field visit from President Jair Bolsonaro. The fact that some of the players cheered for him seems to surprise the Folha newspaper.

Here’s video…

Of course, someone had to compare this president to a previous one…

Translation: Everyone commemorates in the best way they can.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Check out this picture from the Maracanã stadium from several decades ago…

And while we’re on the subject…check out this old picture…Rio de Janeiro in the ’20s.

We usually go to Whindersson’s account to find funny pictures or videos. However, he recently posted a series of tweets about different Brazilian state’s he’s visited.

Take a look!

That brings this edition of Twitter Tuesday for a close. Check out previous editions here.


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