Twitter Tuesday: Dental Health, a Formidable First Daughter, Shared Words, and more…

Brazil made it into discussions in British Parliament last week…

Meanwhile, the dominoes keep falling in the Lava Jato (car wash) corruption investigation.

And while we’re on Brazilian politics, this scene comes to us directly from the Brazilian congress.

Dental health. It’s important.

Then of course there were lots of tweets about the September Seventh (Brazilian independence day) celebrations.

Like the kid who got an unexpected ride in the presidential limo.

President Bolsonaro’s dauther, Laura, also drew attention by her scowl.

The inevitable memes were not far behind.

Our favorite…

Then there was this video featuring members of the current administration singing (kind of) the Brazilian National Anthem. Their patriotism is exceeded only by their lack of pitch.

And finally, even the Empire State Building got into the act.

Time to change the subject…

Did you know Portuguese and Indonesian share a lot of words?

We did not.

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