Wow Video: Will Somebody Please Send in the Clowns?

An exercise for all you non-speakers of Portuguese: watch the following video, and try to guess what people are upset about. The outraged adults…the screaming children…surely a disaster of earth-shattering importance has taken place, right?

It’s worse than that. You see, two clowns were supposed to show up at an event…but ended up not appearing. It’s not clear from the video whether it was the clowns that didn’t show up, or whether the organizer mishandled the event somehow.

Whatever the case, people were very upset.

Now, before we’re too hard on them, we should probably mention that the clowns in question are Patati and Patatá, currently the most famous clowns in Brazil.

A little example of their work…

So I mean…the meltdown is totally understandable, right?

On the bright side, at least this is the only disappointment those kids are going to face in their life.

For hilarious videos from Brazil, click here.


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