Video: Tense Moments at a Brazilian Shopping Mall

In a video making the rounds of Brazilian social media, a little boy has apparently been begging at a shopping mall. A young man offers to buy him a meal at one of the restaurants. The video begins as the mall security is telling the man that he is not allowed to do that.

At the beginning of the video, the young man explains that he is trying to buy a meal for the boy, but the security will not allow it, and is threatening to remove him by force.

The young man insists over and over again “He is going to eat, he is going to eat, because I am going to pay for his meal.”

When he goes to pay for the meal, the security guard tries to impede the store employees from making the sale.

“The guy just wants to pay a meal for the kid, and the security won’t allow it” exclaims the woman filming the scene. “This is absurd!”

Then there is a tense moment when the guard first prohibits the restaurant employee from passing food to the man, then tries to forcibly remove the boy from the premises. This causes an outcry, to which the guard responds “This is my job!”

At this point other guard materialize (one on a Segway!), and a man who appears to be a manager appears and begins to talk with the young man. The man threatens to sue the mall if they don’t let the boy eat.

In the end the man is allowed to buy food for the boy, which he does, still talking about suing the shopping mall.

Watch the whole video here:

So what do you think? Overreach by mall security? Or was the guy doing his job of maintaining a clean and safe environment for customers?


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