Five Famous People You Had No Idea Were Brazilians

So we all love to learn about the fascinating history and culture of Brazil. But has Brazil had any influence on US culture? Well, it turns out, yes, and in some significant ways.

Here are five Brazilians who have had an impact in the US, that you may be completely unaware of. Or, at the very least, you may be unaware that they are Brazilians.

Rodrigo Santoro

Those who have watched the movie 300 may be surprised to learn that the actor who played the decadently sinister Xerxes is Brazilian.

And that he actually looks like this:

George Pimentel

image source

Veteran of Brazilian novelas, Santoro has appeared in the TV series Westworld, and movies like Love Actually and Ben Hur, where he plays Jesus.

Morena Baccarin

Perhaps one of the most prolific Brazilians in the world of entertainment, Morena Baccarin has had major roles in television shows like V, Homeland, and Gotham, as well as lesser roles in many, many others. She has also appeared in major films like Deadpool and Spy.

However, to the legions of “Brown Coats” out there (you know who you are), she will always be Inara, the mysterious woman who captures Mal’s heart.

Mike Krieger


image source

“Mike who?” you ask. “Never heard of him.”

Ok…fair enough. But have you heard of a little thing called “Instagram”?

“You mean…”

That’s correct. The co-founder of the app you use every day to share pictures of your pets and your latest meal (hopefully different pictures) is Brazilian.

You’re welcome.

Carlos Saldanha

Another name you may not know, but you certainly know this guy:

And he, along with the rest of the Ice Age gang, comes to you via Brazilian director, producer, and animator Carlos Saldanha.

Incidentally, Saldana also brought us that musical tribute to his homeland, Rio.

Robert Rey


image source

Better known as plastic surgeon Dr. 90210 in the US, Rey is quite a diversified individual in Brazil, even running for president at one point.



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