Brazilian Election Watch: Lula Is Out of the Running!!!

So last night the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal) voted 6-1 to uphold a law that keeps Lula from running for president.

Many Brazilians were jubilant at the news.

That last hashtag, which cannot be translated here because this is a family site, is a reference to the fact that the UN actually came out in favor of Lula being able to run.

The fact that the above-mentioned aggressively vulgar hashtag is trending right now in Brazil shows how many Brazilians feel about the UN and its meddling in their affairs.

Needless to say, not all were pleased by last night’s results. Not by a long shot.

The usual epithets were hurled:

Translation (bottom tweet): We’ll show you what is good, you gang of disgraceful fascists, get out of here you cancers on the country!

Comedian Danilo Gentili waded in with his trademark sarcasm.

Translation: If you think it’s right for a convicted criminal not to be able to leave prison in order to be a candidate for president I’m sorry, but you are Nazi, homophobe, racist, sexist and fascist.

Meanwhile, this report came out:

We’re not sure if this is actually a thing…the source is suspect. But if it is, Bolsonaro might want to rethink that choice.

Keep up with our coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections here.

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