Hilarious “This Note Is Real” Hashtag Takes Over Brazilian Twitter

Bringing a much-needed moment of levity to the Brazilian conversation, the hashtag #ÉVerdadeEsseBilete (this note is real) is dominating the Twitter-sphere here in Brazil.

It all started some time ago when a little boy from São Paulo tried to pull one over on his parents:


Translation: Dear parents, Tomorrow there will not be class because it could be a vacation day. Signed, Miss Paulinha. This note is real.

Little did the little boy know that his last phrase would go viral on Twitter, as Brazilians found in his innocent phrase the perfect vehicle for sarcasm.

Translation: I won the lottery!!! #ThisNoteIsReal

Translation: We Brazilians hate and repudiate any kind of heated discussion about controversial subjects, and even though we may be right we allow for the opinions of others. #ThisNoteIsReal

Translation: I am never going to stress out again #ThisNoteIsReal

Translation: I’m going to do all my back-assignments and be a model student. #ThisNoteIsReal

Translation: I am not a jealous person #ThisNoteIsReal

And we all wish this final one were true…

Translation: Today you can eat anything you want and it will not make you fat. Signed, the doctor. #ThisNoteIsReal


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