Brazilian Election Tribunal Tries to Ban Twitter Surveys – Hilarity Ensues

So this happened…

Translation of image: Surveys on social media are prohibited!

Translation of tweet: Surveys on social media are prohibited, not just for candidates, but for any citizen.

The mockery was swift and brutal. One of Brazil’s most successful comedians (and one of our favorites) quickly put things into perspective:

Translation: I pay your salary so you can determine what I can or cannot put in my profile? What a tasteless joke.

Others were quick to pile on…with surveys, of course.

Translation: Are you against the prohibition of surveys?

Translation: Who will you vote for as president of the republic?

Translation: I’m going to play Battlefield 1 now, how many kills do you guys think I’ll make in this round? (All the following numbers represent presidential candidates, with 17 being Bolsonaro…ed)

Tranlsation: In your opinion, is this valid?

Translation: It’s best to obey the law. Now, a piece of candy for whoever can guess what my birth date is.

Translation: Ok, but can we do mathematical surveys? 9+8 is…?

Update We couldn’t help but add a little survey of our own…

For our continuing coverage of the 2018 Brazilian elections, click here.


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