Weekend Headline Roundup: Prison Break, White House Calls Bolsonaro, Ancient Brazilian Crocodile, and more…

More than 100 detainees flee a prison in Paraíba

Bullet points:

  • Only 28 recaptured at this time.
  • Prison break occurred after gunfight and explosions.
  • Planned from the outside.

Police are responsible for one in five violent deaths registered in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Bullet points:

  • Up from 5.7% in 1998.
  • Quote: “The expansion of criminality provoked an increase in operations that resulted in a greater number of deaths.”

Trump spokesperson says White House had contacted Bolsonaro after the attack

  • Sarah Sanders unsure if Trump had spoken with him personally.
  • Says she believes members of the Trump administration contacted members of the family.

Bolsonaro begins physical therapy and walks around his room without pain

New species of crocodile from 85 million years ago is cristened “caipira mineiro”

Bullet points:

  • Found in the interior of Minas Gerais.
  • 70 centimeters in length.
  • Ate vegetables as well as meat.
  • Possibly able to stand upright.

Dollar hits high against this Friday, reaches 4,21 against the Real

Bullet points:

  • Went back down to 4,16 by the end of the day.
  • A record high since the current currency was established.

Prosecuters sue YouTuber who offended Mbappé for R$7 million

Bullet points:

  • Compared the fast-running African soccer player to Brazilian street criminals.
  • Comments sparked outrage.
  • Removed tweets and apologized…apology not good enough.

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