Breaking! President Trump Calls Jair Bolsonaro to Congratulate Him on His Victory!!! (Update: Trump Tweets!)


The first to report the conversation was Mr. Bolsonaro himself:

Translation: We received a short while ago a call from the President of the USA, Donald Trump, congratulating us on this historical election. We shared our desire to bring these two great nations even closer and to advance on the path of liberty and prosperity.

Later the White House confirmed the call:

Check out the reaction when this conversation was announced to the crowd gathered at Bolsonaro’s residence:

So…are Trump and Bolsonaro “brothers from another mother”, or are their interests destined to collide?


We report, you decide.

Update: The official resident of the White House has tweeted:

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  1. Hey, I’m liking your blog. 😀 When you need a long distance reporter here in São Paulo just let me know.


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