Post Election Comparison: Who is Better for the Economy?

Throughout the campaign Jair Bolsonaro was criticized for not knowing much about economics. And he really didn’t argue the point, preferring to say that he would put a top economist in charge of that.

But if how his campaign handled money is any indication, things are off to a promising start.

Translation: Our campaign costed around R$1.5 million (a little over $400,000 at the current exchange rate), less than half of what was raised from individual donations. I plan on donating the rest to the Santa Casa (hospital) of Juíz de Fora, where I was born again. I belive that those who trusted in me will agree. Thank you very much to all!

So, he won the presidency with less than half a million dollars, and is donating the rest to charity.

What about his opponent? Well…

In this video, recorded after the election, the defeated candidate, Fernando Haddad, begs the supporters to contribute so that they can “pay the professionals” who did work for them.

So…they guy who was supposed to be good at the economy could not make the ends meet for the campaign.

This naturally raises a question:

Translation: Out of curiosity, how were you going to pay if you were elected?

A potential answer:

Translation: Like the PT always does, raiding public coffers.

Translation: Weren’t you going to help the poor? Now you’re taking from them again? You just don’t stop leeching…

Our observation…


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