Weekend News Roundup: Brazilian Medium in Major Trouble, Tragic Shooting in Cathedral, Animal Smugglers Caught, and more…

Here are some of the stories that have made the news recently here in Brazil:

First, a story that has rocked Brazil. João de Deus (John of God), an extremely influential medium, has been accused of serial sexual abuse.

…by a lot of women, including his own daughter.

Another horrible tragedy…

On the drug-war front…

Couple caught on a bus with baby toucan and monkey

Bullet points:

  • Interior of São Paulo
  • Toucan was in a box, monkey wrapped in a blanket
  • $500,000 fine

Biologists from Brasilia register image of rare “black panther”

Bullet points:

  • Weighs around 150 pounds
  • Seen in a nature preserve near Brazil’s capital city
  • A rare variation of Brazil’s onça pintada (painted leopard)

President Michael Temer participates in a launching ceremony for a new submarine

Yacht of Brazilian ex-billionaire Eike Batista to be auctioned

Bullet points:

  • Impounded by the Brazilian government as part of the the Lava Jato investigation.
  • Has four rooms (two suites), a sauna, three cabins and a kitchen, with room for 21 passengers.
  • Photos included in the article.

Check previous headlines here.


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