Brazil News and Views: The Tropical Trump Meets the Real Trump

So yesterday was a red-letter day for Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters: the long-awaited meeting between Bolsonaro and his hero, US president Donald Trump.

Translation: A new era begins in relations between Brazil and the United States, for the good of our nations. Great day!

Of course you know they had to trade shirts of the respective national soccer teams.

The funniest tweet…

In fact, this exchange brought out the best of Brazilian humor…

Translation: Do you think he’ll notice that it’s a fake?

This is not the first time a US president has received such a gift…

Indeed, it reminded at least one tweeter of this iconic meeting…

Of course Gisele Daminelli, one of our favorite Brazilian artists, and a HUGE Bolsonaro fan, immortalized the encounter.

There were lots of important items on the agenda, like trade agreements, use of a Brazilian missile base, etc. But of course the subject of things the two presidents have in common also came up…

Brazilian supporters of Bolsonaro reflected on how far he has come in the last years…

Translation: “He’ll lose to everybody in the second round…1% chance of winning…”

Translation: Love him or hate him, Jair Bolsonaro’s victory is enormous. Due to the relevance of the US, today he “became” president in the eyes of the world.

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